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P C Crafts


We are an upcoming manufacturing/exporting women clothing and accessories company established in Mumbai, India managed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.


Our Motto:  Client Satisfaction

We emphasize on achieving customer satisfaction through our products and services. We not only pay attention to their suggestions but always take proper measures to provide suitable solutions to their grievances. We produce and supply to our customers a high-quality collection of garments, textiles, accessories like scarves, sarongs, bags to cater to their demands in the aptest manner.


Effective Communication with  the Clients  is our constant effort

Since inception, we have continually focused on establishing a healthy communication channel with clients.  We realize the significance of setting up a mutually advantageous relationship with our clients as it helps us to comprehend their needs more suitably and offer them the required range of garments and other products manufactured by us. 

Our Services
  • We offer the ultimate solution to overseas buyers for their couture, textile, apparel, and  accessories requirements 

  • We are ideally placed to offer you the best quality and best price with timely delivery from our huge collection of textiles, garments, scarves, and accessories.

  • We have extensive network and expertise in manufacturing and sourcing from very reliable and high-quality mills and help our buyers to get excellent quality products in an amazingly short span of time. 

  • We offer our clients the privilege of choosing from a vast range of latest and original products that are made available to the buyers at the most competitive prices to suit their specific needs.

  • We are strong in development and sourcing and guarantee high-quality production with

  • on-time delivery, online and post-production inspections, coordination, and communication.

Why Us
  • We have a Rich / Reliable factory and mills  base producing  woven fabrics  in high quality

  • We  communicate  with  our clients effectively

  • Our  garments  are quality tested

  • We  have a unique  collection with  innovative  designs, cuts, and  style

  • We  fulfill  bulk orders  in a stipulated  time  period

  • We  have  experienced  workforce

  • We have  sound  management  ethics

  • We  provide  value-added  services

Our Quality

We offer a collection of woven garments and accessories suiting the tastes and preferences of our fashion conscious clients globally.  With an effort to bring them an exclusive range, we have reliable mills/factories and vendors base producing fabrics for all sorts of garments.

Our wide array of apparels and garments exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Vibrant color combination

  • Innovative designs and prints

  • Neat stitch

  • Skin-friendly

  • Comfort fit

  • Easily washable

  • Colorfast

We take proper measures to conduct quality tests on the following parameters: 

  • Fitting test

  • GSM

  • Manual wash test

  • Barcode scanning test

  • Measurement check

Our Team

We are highly competent and experienced personnel and have a  long presence in the industry has enabled us to produce and export garments and accessories and fabrics to the international markets. This helps us to grow our business across different territories.  We make constant efforts to maintain a close relationship with the clients to offer them with a collection that meets their demands and specifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any sales enquiry to have  good  business  relationship  among  us.  Enjoy the  excellence  of our experience.  We  take  pride  in introducing  ourselves  as  connection  to  key destination.  Our elite  range  of  products  is in tune  with  the  international  trends  focusing  on  intricate  details, contemporary  designs  and  scheduled  deliveries.  We are committed to offering the best service, at the best price!

Who we are 

FABULOUS!  by P C Crafts is designed to be loose fitting, is well made, chic looking and affordable. These clothes are meant to be the "go to" items in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down for all occasions. They are quality driven and will last many years. The collection has both playful and sophisticated styles to choose from.

All FABULOUS! clothing is made from natural, sustainable 100% linen or linen cotton blends, as well as some specialty fabrics like silk, velvets and jacquards.

How FABULOUS! came into being 


Chirag Panani, founder and owner of FABULOUS! by P C Crafts has been in design and manufacturing of women’s apparel and accessories for many years. During his recent visits to New York City, it was realised that there was an obvious need for quality, simple, chic and loose fitting garments for women of all sizes Small to 2X. Hence an idea was born, and he designed new line of affordable, quality essentials called FABULOUS! The collection is designed for women who are typically in their 30s - 60s, who have an active and interesting life style.

Design Your own Unique Collection with FABULOUS! 

FABULOUS! Collection is offering you proven designs at affordable prices to help improve your margins {between 2.5 – 5 times} with a choice of over 50 amazing colours so that you can design your own unique collection. 

All Garments are Prewashed, pre-shrunk with double stitched seams in 140 gsm {5 Oz} soft luxurious linens and use all natural button made of horn or wood in super high end quality .

We also Private Label in small quantities for stores like yours that wish to create their own store brand.  Increasingly, manufacturers are competing against their own wholesale buyers who've spent years building a designer's brand.  We won't do that.  

We can either produce a store's own designs or private label ours with your store's name.  We provide everything you need from brand labels to final production. Our minimums are 50 pcs per style per color. For details please contact us, we will surely work out a good production plan for you.

We'd love to hear from you!

We hope you love what you buy. We'd love to hear from you if you have a favourite style that you've worn out and can no longer find in the stores. Send us a convo with a picture and let's see if it can be added to the line!

We take pride in everything we make and want you to be completely happy with what you buy. Please let us know if there are styles you'd like us to add. Your satisfaction is the most important element in building a home here.


Thanks for taking a look at our collection.

xo, FABULOUS! Team.

Chirag Panani
Founder and Owner

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